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About Nico's Dream 

Nico's Dream is dedicated to ending childhood cancers by advancing pediatric cancer research, building community awareness, and supporting childhood cancer efforts.

Each year in the U.S., an estimated 15,780 children are diagnosed with cancer. While substantial progress has been made in the treatment of several types of childhood cancer, progress against some types has been limited.  We know that we can do more to develop new, effective, and safer treatments for childhood cancer.


Nico's Dream is committed to saving children's lives by bringing the community together to fund pediatric cancer research and childhood cancer efforts.

A primary community fundraising event is an annual soccer camp called the Kick Childhood Cancer Soccer Camp. Local coaches, soccer players and community members come together to provide training and fun for children from 3 -18 years of age while raising awareness and funds to support pediatric cancer research and support families.

Since 2013, all funds raised have been donated to organizations like the Curing Children’s Cancer Fund and UT Health San Antonio Pediatric Oncology Research Department. 

To commemorate Nico's 10th anniversary of earning his angel wings, Nico's Dream  in partnership with Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute in San Antonio established a fund in 2022 to honor Nicolás Ramírez Castro and to advance pediatric liver cancer research. 

Nico's Dream invites you to join us in this mission to save children's lives.  Let's KICK CANCER and ensure that every child is able to reach their dreams.   

Nico's Dream is a registered non-profit organization in San Antonio, Texas.  Nicos Dream was formally recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) in 2016; however, its' work began in 2013 to honor Nicolás "Nico" Ramírez Castro's courageous battle against cancer. 

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